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Accounting Advisory & Transformation Services

Transforming technical accounting, governance, and controllership

Enhance your organization's accounting and reporting, governance, risk management, and controllership transformation through our adaptable, integrated approach. We offer a comprehensive strategy encompassing operational and technical accounting and reporting services, governance, risk assessment, controls, and controllership transformation. Explore how Origencia can support your organization in navigating the unexpected, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters and proceed with confidence.

Our Accounting Advisory & Transformation Services

Accounting & Reporting Services

The accounting and reporting landscape remains constantly evolving, driven by regulatory changes, the influence of technological transformation, and the repercussions of global economic trends. Origencia's accounting and reporting services can help you meet complex and evolving accounting needs, from operational and technical accounting to regulatory compliance and financial reporting. By leveraging our extensive industry expertise, grasp of intricate operating models, and acclaimed digital tools, we stand ready to assist your business. We aim to transform accounting and reporting from being a challenge you conquer into an opportunity for your company.


Our offerings include:

  • Accounting standards implementation

  • Financial remediation and restatement

  • Accounting policy and process design

  • Audit readiness

  • On-call accounting advisory services

Governance, Risk, and Controls

Maintaining a robust control environment is fundamental for controllership teams. However, not all organizations have fine-tuned their governance, risk, and compliance programs. Emerging technologies, regulatory alterations, and shifts in talent models introduce new risks that must be effectively managed.

Origencia collaborates with your organization to modernize, automate, and instill financial governance throughout the entire spectrum, from the board and senior management levels to transaction execution, all while keeping a close eye on compliance costs. We achieve this through a technology-driven approach that enhances governance, risk management, compliance, financial control, security, quality, and inspection.

Our offerings include:

  • Controls advisory and implementation

  • SOX and Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR) services

  • Digital risk management

  • Governance advisory and implementation

Controllership Transformation

Your controllership team is facing a shifting landscape with both challenges and opportunities. It needs to thrive amid changing business models, increasing amounts of data, and ever-changing technical accounting regulations. Leveraging enabling technologies to centralize and harmonize financial information to enhance reporting, analysis, and decision-making is paramount. Companies are challenged to engage and develop the "workforce of the future," automating routine processes to free up human capacity for value-added work. To guide this fundamental change, Origencia provides a road map for managing integrated transformation across multiple projects, helping your controllership team develop its long-term vision and strategy.

Our offerings include:

  • Strategy and organization design

  • Accounting process improvement

  • Digital controllership

    • Accounting and reporting automation

    • Accounting information science for ERP

    • Analytics and insights

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