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Meeting people where they are

We actively involve individuals, communities, and organizations in order to cultivate innovative solutions that elevate economic prospects and human potential.

Our Approach

Participatory Research

We employ on-site research techniques that encompass observations and in-depth interviews conducted within the real-life environments where users (and other relevant stakeholders) reside, work, and engage.

Service Design

Origencia Design utilizes service design methodologies to assist organizations in maintaining a unified understanding of their various points of interaction with users and other beneficiaries.

System Mapping

Origencia Design employs systems thinking to create a representation of dynamic systems, such as community health, and sustainable agricultural practices, that embodies a shared comprehension of key stakeholders, relationships, and feedback loops.

Creative Facilitation

By leveraging creative and collaborative approaches, we facilitate the engagement of stakeholders and users, chart unexplored opportunity areas, and foster alignment on fresh agendas, concepts, and strategies.

Behavior Science

We integrate behavioral science techniques into our Human-Centered Design (HCD) and prototyping methodologies, allowing us to formulate behavioral hypotheses and rigorously assess concepts through experimentation.

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