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Survey Research

Origencia Research offers comprehensive survey research services that empower clients to gain valuable and actionable insights on issues that matter.

  • Performance Monitoring Systems & Using Data
    Origencia's multi-sectoral team designs advanced monitoring systems using best practices, including theories of change to map causal pathways. As an industry leader, we employ rigorous methodologies in data collection for program design, decision-making, and policy influence. We collaborate with development and health agencies, governments, and partners to set objectives, assessment methods, and impactful activities. Our monitoring, evaluation, and learning services assist clients, including donors, foundations, non-profits, and government agencies, in assessing program effectiveness across areas like food security, global health, health security, labor, education, and climate resilience. Our monitoring systems track project activity implementation, assess overall objective achievement, and guide data collection, analysis, and utilization for project planning and learning.
  • Meaningful & Measurable Indicators
    When data on a specific topic are already available, we harness them for the benefit of our clients. We evaluate the quality, availability, and reporting frequency of existing data to optimize their use and pinpoint any deficiencies. If new information is required, we are well-equipped to formulate the necessary questions, select appropriate data sources, and employ a suitable combination of methodologies. In close collaboration with stakeholders, we identify relevant metrics to assess goal achievement and the need for adjustments during the project's progression. Origencia experts assist in pinpointing crucial assumptions to ensure the project metrics remain pertinent, precise, and timely.
  • Assessing Performance & Impact
    To confidently attribute observed changes to clients' interventions requires rigorous impact studies conducted by an experienced and independent partner like Origencia. Drawing from our extensive international development experience, we've addressed the complexities of experimental design, accounting for a program's specific context, pre-and post-intervention changes in key indicators, and evaluating the program's implementation process.
  • Data Analytics & Visualization
    Origencia collaborates with clients to establish the essential groundwork needed for data acquisition and cleansing, data model development, and the creation of analytical environments. We offer data science services, encompassing statistical modeling, algorithm development, and machine learning techniques, to convert data into actionable tools for decision-making and effective storytelling. Through meticulous strategic planning, we assist in capturing, analyzing, and disseminating the information necessary for clients to accomplish their missions and showcase the value of their health and development initiatives.
  • Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting
    At Origencia, we foster a culture of continuous learning within our team and across our projects. We harness fresh insights, monitoring data, and evidence to enhance program effectiveness. Through technical assistance, we promote learning and capacity building at the grassroots level. Origencia aids in establishing processes that create platforms for stakeholders to assemble and cooperate, effectively utilizing knowledge, information, and data. Our team of data visualization experts designs data visualization tools and dashboards that facilitate the exchange of information and enhance the learning experience.
  • Strengthening Local Capacity
    Throughout various stages of a survey, be it in design, implementation, or analysis, as well as in the enhancement of national or local HMIS systems, Origencia's objective is to enhance the technical and organizational capabilities of nations at the national, district, and sub-district levels. Engaging in participatory approaches with local stakeholders and drawing upon best practices in organizational capacity assessment. Origencia customizes context-specific tools and processes to evaluate and strengthen capacity.
  • Economic & Financial Analysis
    Origencia's team members served as expert panelists in international and regional workshops, aiding countries in the estimation and monitoring of nutrition investments while identifying areas with unmet funding needs. Additionally, Origencia plays a key role in crafting a conceptual and mathematical model for assessing the health and economic effects of investments in international development.
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