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Why Origencia

Accelerate real growth through change


We evaluate where you are today, and then integrate the right legal technologies and processes to transform your team into a strategic value driver.

Why Origencia?

Our firm strikes a balance: we are substantial enough to handle high-profile cases, yet small enough to ensure your full engagement in our projects. We have a structured approach that allows for individualized mentoring and coaching, but we are also flexible in granting exposure to various practice areas.

Whether you choose to join Analysis Group right after college or after graduate school, you can count on our steadfast commitment to your career development. This includes:

  • Exposure to diverse practice areas to expand your professional expertise.

  • Opportunities to learn from experienced colleagues and collaborate with leading academic experts.

  • The chance to work alongside prominent researchers, corporate executives, and specialists from various industries.

  • Access to a variety of training and professional development opportunities.

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