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Research & Evaluation

We provide research and analysis that offers clients actionable solutions to their problems. We are a full-service research agency.

Our Service Offerings

Secondary Data Sourcing & Analysis

We combine and cross-analyze data from multiple sources to generate your insights.

Qualitative Research

We execute solid qualitative research, including focus group discussions, key-informant interviews, observation/ethnographies, and basic human-centered design.

Survey Research

Origencia Research is an effective partner for complete quantitative surveys. Our sample size ranges from 50 to 15,000 respondents

Monitoring & Evaluation Capacity Building

We enable clients to build capacity in program monitoring and evaluation in areas such as public health, social services, and education, determining performance indicators and standardized data elements.

Eperimental and Quasi-Experimental Research

We help clients develop and improve programs through rigorous, custom-designed research, often combining experimental and quasi-experimental methods implemented over multiple sites.

Scientific Communication

We transmit scientific ideas, methods, knowledge, and research to non-expert audiences in an accessible, understandable, or useful way.

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